Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Features


Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Features


We tell you all about the most important features that are new to Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Resident Services

Resident Services functions as the headquarters of your island. Here you and Tom Nook will work together to begin building the island into a thriving coastal getaway. The Nook Stop can also be found here, and can be used to pay your bills, do online shopping, and deposit funds into your savings account. Lastly, you will find the recycle box here, which sometimes contains items that have been discarded by other residents.


The Workbench

Want a new table in your kitchen? Head to a workbench for a spot of DIY! The new crafting system allows you to create an impressive array of items. In fact, for a lot of items, the only way to acquire them is by building them at a workbench. Building anything requires a DIY recipe and some basic resources. Fortunately, there are plenty of raw materials to be found from trees and rocks all over your island.


Island Bulletin Board

The Island Bulletin Board can always be found to the left of Resident Services. Here you can see any public announcements made by the other residents of the island, so checking in often is a great way to stay up to date on the latest events happening on the island. By pressing the + button, you can also create your own custom bulletin posting. Once it has been opened, you can use the keyboard to type out whatever message you like, as well as hand draw a background using either the left stick or the touch screen of the Nintendo Switch system. Be sure to make a welcome post to greet all your visitors!


Dodo Airlines

Dodo Airlines operates out of the island's very own airport and is the gateway to endless adventures for those who want to explore. By talking to Orville, you will be able to book a flight to a friend’s island or invite other friends to come visit yours. Additionally, you can redeem a Nook Miles ticket to go on a mystery tour that sends you to a randomised island. Once you arrive, you will be able to collect extra resources, including fruit that may not be native to your home, and you can even encounter potential new residents who may be holidaying there.


New Tools

Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings with it lots of new tools that can enrich your island experience and make things easier. The ladder and vaulting pole are ideal for getting around an island environment, while magic wands will literally transform your wardrobe habits in an instant.


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