Apex Legends Characters: Pathfinder


Apex Legends Characters: Pathfinder


We take a look at the Apex Legends character Pathfinder


Real Name: MRVN

Age: Unknown



Pathfinder is a MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity), whose job is both surveying and location scouting. Since waking completely alone in a laboratory many years ago, Pathfinder made it his mission to find his creator and discover why he was made.


Pathfinder has searched the world and joined the Apex Games in hope of gaining a following, giving him the perfect chance to find his creator once and for all.


Did You Know?

Apex Legends is the first game that a MRVN is a playable character. MRVNs appear as NPCs in Titanfall, Titanfall 2and mobile game Titanfall: Assault.


Tactical Ability

Grappling Hook

A grappling hook attaches to an object, pulling Pathfinder towards it. It can also attach to players, pulling them closer to Pathfinder.

Cooldown Time: 13 seconds


Passive Ability

Insider Knowledge

Pathfinder uses a survey beacon to find the next location of the ring.

Cooldown Time: N/A


Ultimate Ability


A zipline is created between your location and a target location. The zipline can be used by anyone, teammates and enemies alike.

Charge Time: 90 seconds


Top 3 Skins

Angel City Pacer

Type: Legendary

1200 Crafting Metals



Type: Legendary

1200 Crafting Metals



Type: Epic

60 Crafting Metals



Survivability: 7/10

Speed: 7/10

Agility: 9/10

Skill: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


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