Apex Legends Inventory Management


Apex Legends Inventory Management


Many other battle royale games focus on sorting your inventory, but Apex Legends has decided to simplify the process.


Before you even pick up an item the game will show you if you need it. If you have the same item or a better one it prevents you from picking it up with a press, freeing you from accidentally picking up unwanted junk. You can, however, pick something up by holding down the button. You might want to do that early on if you run across a high-tier attachment for weapons you don’t have just yet, but plan on looking for. Sometimes there is nothing worse than coming across a weapon you found a Hop-Up for and left behind a while ago.


Your inventory is initially comprised of only eight slots and once you start collecting ammo and items it fills up fast, so finding a Backpack is crucial if you don’t want to have to leave things behind while you are looting. Each higher-level Backpack gives you two more slots to use, which doesn’t sound like much, but can give you so many more options.


End up with junk by accident? You can always drop items you don’t need anymore and fortunately the game even tells you what items are currently useless to you! If you only have energy, weapons, for example, and you look into your inventory, you will notice that the other types of ammo such as light and heavy will have a red ‘don’t’ sign on the top left. This means that you can’t use that particular item, so you should drop it by pressing the appropriate button.


You really should drop anything you can’t use, because it is just taking up space from better items that could be of use to you in the firefights to come. If you have a high-level item, you might want to ping it so your teammates can potentially use it.


There are a few things that you should always have on hand. You will want at least two slots full of your main type of ammo so that you never run out and even more if you are using an ammo-hungry weapon like an assault rifle or light machine gun. You will also want a number of healing and shield items, because you will want to get yourself back to perfect condition as soon as possible after taking some hits. Unless Lifeline is on your team you won’t be able to heal any other way. Phoenix Kits are incredible near the end of a match, as they can fully replenish everything you need, but they take up a slot apiece and you might be better off with Shield Cells and Syringes in the opening rounds.


If your inventory is full, you will know it when trying to loot. Little boxes appear on the screen filled in with red to show you how many slots are available without having to go to your inventory screen.


When it is completely full, you will want to finally open it up and see what you can throw out. Remember that you are only as good as the loot you collect, so make sure you have everything you need.


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