Apex Legends King’s Canyon Map Points Of Interest


Apex Legends King’s Canyon Map Points Of Interest


Before you drop you will want to see what is going on with the map. Every match a new area is marked out for high-tier loot. That means you will find better stuff there, but it also means that more people will be there fighting for it. There is also always a supply ship flying around that has high-tier loot both on top of and inside it. Both the ship and the spot that it is going to land are highlighted on the map.


Again, these will be highly-contested points, full of players trying to get the good gear and hoping for Legendary weapons!


All the other named locations on the map are guaranteed to have at least some loot. Each time you start a new game each location will randomly be assigned loot quality and when you enter a place it will if it has high-tier or mid-tier loot there. If no one has looted it yet, you are in luck as lots of goodies will be within. If it has been looted, beware! A team may be lurking that is ready to battle with superior gear.



A popular location on the west edge of the map. It consists of two landing strips separated by water, although there is a handy zipline connecting the two. There are loot boxes on both sides and make sure to check inside the three ships, as they have gear as well. Expect lots of mid to long range engagements here and head south to Runoff if you need more loot.



This is the northernmost location, a military base that contains multiple concrete buildings. At the southern end there are two massive hangars, as well as two large buildings. A tunnel to the west leads to Cascades, while the southern entrances can bring you deeper into the middle of the map, or a quick exit east towards Relay or the Swamps.



Can you guess what you will find here? Besides the bridges you will also find plenty of handy wooden shacks to loot. While there are many ways an enemy squad can sneak up on you here, there is also plenty of cover if they do. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled while entering these kinds of areas.



This river can be a dangerous place. There are plenty of shacks on the water that can house loot, but anyone on either side of the river will have a height advantage over you. Make sure that you stay aware while looting. A Watchtower that can house high-tier loot looms at the north section.



Some of the fiercest fighting in the entire map will take place here. It has a tendency to house high-tier loot and is a nice shortcut from the west and middle portions of the map, so it is popular. It is a narrow corridor with a few rooms off it, so it is basically a choke point. Be ready with short and medium range weaponry in here. Drops and air strike Ultimates will be worthless, but grenades can help a lot.


Hydro Dam

A big concrete area that doesn’t house as much loot as you would expect give its size. There are a few buildings and supply boxes, but not much else. A large sliding door leads into a bunker with multiple floors that can lead you to the Bridges section.


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