Create A Rustic Style Home


Create A Rustic Style Home

Look to the kitchen garden, allotment and potting shed for a rich source of ideas for your interior design schemes.

Pots of style

Make the most of fabric offcuts by turning them into plant pot covers – lined in a co-ordinating patterns or plain material. Cut three pieces of fabric, one to the circumference of the top and two rectangular pieces that are the size of the height and the circumference of the pot, with two inches added on all sides for seam allowance. Sew the top edges of the rectangles together, wrong side facing. Turn out, decide which pattern you would like on the outside, then sew a side seam with this side facing in. Turn the right way around and make sure this fits snuggly over your plant pot, with enough fabric for the folded top. Hem to the circular base.


Nature table

Create a casual kitchen/dining room that has a fresh, airy feel, and combine a rustic-style table with soft pastel shades, natural woods and accessories decorated with bird and fruit motifs.

Sunny side up

Choose cheerful prints in uplifting colours inspired by a summer’s day and team with painted woven furniture for a garden-room style.

Sunshine and sky

A combination of patterned, plain and figurative textiles is usually the most engaging combination and easiest if you carry threads of colour across the designs. Try warm sand shades counterbalanced and teamed with cooler grey-blues.


In the garden

A variety of nature-inspired prints in soft blues, greens, pinks and yellows can work well together.

Pin it up

Make a fun and functional pin board by adapting an old picture frame. Remove the frame and glass. Use a strong adhesive to cover the front of the back board with a layer of cork tiles. Cover with fabric, securing in place with a staple gun on the back. Reattach the frame and re-use or recycle the glass.

Crate expectations

This is an easy and effective storage idea. Stack good-condition fruit crates screwed in place at the bottom and sides to hold it all together. Keep in the original finish or use slightly watered-down matt emulsion for a whitewashed effect, which lets the grain of the wood show through.


Out of office

Mix quirky motifs, such as wallpaper, with vintage-inspired seed prints in splashes of ochre yellow, pea green and pale woods to create a space for working that is full of originality and charm.


By the back door

Source artworks, paintings and prints or linocuts of nature or garden scenes to complement the style.

A retreat to recharge in

Garden plants and flowers can provide uplifting sensory pleasures for the bathroom, too.

In the frame

Individual vintage seed packets, framed and mounted in a grid, provide a bright and interesting display. Try flea markets and online auction sites for old packaging, or alternatively, reproductions are available in wallpaper and prints that you can use instead.

Take note

Mix together textiles in soft shades such as a fruit design with plain-coloured cotton and linens that resonate with the print’s colours.


Dream scheme

Transform your bedroom into a quiet sanctuary inspired by the favourite parts of your garden. Use a pretty and muted palette of pinks, greens and greys, whimsical nature-inspired prints and luxuriously soft textiles.

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