Fortnite Save The World Resupply Mission


It doesn’t involve defending forts or fighting off hordes of monsters, yet Resupply is one of Save the World’s toughest mission types, especially if you are playing solo. Why? Time. You have got to smash, search and grab your way through a long list of items, and you have only got ten minutes to do it. Get involved in a brawl or waste a minute in the wrong area, and you will be looking at the Defeat screen. Don’t panic! Victory in Resupply is all about using those ten minutes wisely, and we have got tips and strategies to help.

Use an Outlander

Even if you rarely play an Outlander, keep one handy for Resupply missions. They search and harvest faster than any other class and have abilities such as Anti-Material Charge that will help you get what you need in a flash. The Keen Eyes passive perk will also help you spot searchable items, which is handy when that is an item on your list.

Check the list

Resupply is what you call a shopping list mission, so read the list on the right-hand side of the screen as soon as it appears. The objectives change from mission to mission, and you don’t want to waste time chopping timber when you should be smashing rocks.

Watch for supply crates

You have always got to find supply crates and they are not always scattered evenly around the map. They can also be hard to pick out from the normal crates and boxes. You can tell them apart by the big, yellow exclamation mark that hovers above them. If you see one, don’t waste time – rush up to it and hold the activate button to grab it.

Search the perimeters first

While you are searching, the Storm Circle is moving and tightening around you. Towards the end of the mission, you will be stuck in one area of the map and unable to explore the edges, which is a nightmare when the rocks, trees and supply crates you need tend to be located there. Check the perimeters first, the move inwards to complete your search.

Avoid combat and secondary missions

Dodge past the Husks and Misties if you can. Either outrun them if they wake up and start attacking, or drop a T.E.D.D.Y. and let the bear do its work. Engaging the enemy will only waste your valuable time. As for encampments or Survivors in need of rescue? Laters, campers, and sorry, Survivors, it is just not your day!

Keep searching

If you can find all the other stuff on your shopping list, the mission usually ends with a frantic rush to search objects, junk and furniture for loot. That is why it is smart to search as you go rather than leave it all to the last minute. It is tricky because there is no real logic as to what is searchable and what is not, but if it glows and has a search prompt above it, do it. It might save you heartbreak later.

Punch your way through

Anti-material charge is a winner. If you are playing an Outlander, build a loadout that makes this ability as powerful as possible, filling as many support slots as possible with Outlanders that boost your harvesting skills and this ability. Then keep your pickaxe active – not a weapon – and use the heavy attack button to smash your way through the scenery. It is a whole lot faster than hacking your way through vehicles, rocks and trees.

Bonus objectives

Pick these up once your shopping list is complete. They usually involve something simple like collecting mushrooms or destroying an anomaly, but you might not have much time to spare.

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