Guide To Apex Legends’ King Canyon Map


Guide To Apex Legends’ King Canyon Map


The game’s map is a wild and varied landscape. Here is everything you need to know to tame it.



Though zip lines connect the three large buildings, making it a quick place to loot, Artillery is massively popular as a landing zone, meaning you usually have to fight off a few teams to take advantage of the good loot. 



Relay is positioned ideally for teams that like to raid and run, and rarely has many people dead set on exploring it. It is good for quick raids, but thanks to its mix of high and low ground, it is not a great place to stick around. 



If you are a daredevil, this one’s for you. There are two huge runways which are exposed, and they are connected to a zip line. Airbase is home to good loot but be aware that you are always likely to be in someone’s sight out here. 



With the largest amount of loot in one place, Swamps is a great landing location for both the number of things you can find and the size of the zone. Escaping is tricky, though, thanks to where Swamps sits on the map. 



A great location for dynamic firefights between the suspended cages and rocks, this location is home to a handy Respawn Beacon and some good loot spread across the various interconnected levels. 



An intense, awkward central corridor that often houses good loot, and almost always ends in a collision with another team. Good projectile users flourish here, just watch out for Caustic mains and ambushes behind doors. 


The Pit 

Thanks to how secluded it is, The Pit looks tempting at first, but be warned, there is no cover and enemies can get the jump on you from three entry points. Loot Ticks like it here, but so do roving enemy teams. 


Skull Town 

This is one of the busiest drop zones thanks to its central location. A smart player aims for the rooftops here, get a gun, pick off weak players, stay indoors, and heal up. Do not stick around and get trapped. 



it is quick to raid the dozen or so buildings that make up the Wetlands. Afterwards, you can focus on pushing through the easily defended chokepoint to Artillery. Even non-Pathfinder players can command the rooftops here. 


Watchtower North 

With the nearest Respawn Beacon located in the Cascades, you know you have got a fight on your hands if you are not down here. Don't worry though, a good vantage point and decent amounts of loot make for a solid area. 



If you land in Runoff, and live, you will come away all geared up. Thanks to the massive amount of loot here, it is a hotspot, and there are no conveniently located Respawn Beacons. A high risk, high reward zone. 


Slum Lakes 

A fairly popular landing zone, this knot of small buildings has a lot of loot, but you are unlikely to find much high-level gear. From here, if you need more loot, had to Runoff or The Pit


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