Minecraft: Fool Proof Ways To Find Diamonds


Diamonds are one of the best materials for making tools and armour, but they are also very hard to find. If you are trying to get your hands on some, here are some fool proof ways…

Perhaps the easiest way to find diamonds (or at least diamond ore) is to explore large cave systems underground. You might stumble across diamond ore just embedded in the walls or floor, but what you are actually looking for are lava lakes. That is because lava lakes generate at the same levels as diamond ore. Once you have found a lake, start carving out the border around it. You are almost guaranteed to find some diamonds, just be careful not to slip in.

Diamonds appear in a lot of different chests, but the least dangerous ones to find are in desert temples and blacksmiths. Desert temple chests are almost guaranteed to contain diamonds, as are about one in three blacksmiths chests. Blacksmiths chests are easy to find if you can recognise the building – the one with slabs around the roof and some lava built in. Desert temple chests are found in the pit under the main floor. The only dangers come from the TNT trigger below the dark blue clay block.

Strip Mine – This method takes a lot of work, but you are certain to find a tonne of diamonds, not to mention iron and redstone. First, make sure you have got a lot of pickaxes available. Mine a staircase down to the bedrock, then turn around, walk back up 11 steps and start carving a passage two blocks high and one block wide in a single direction. Diamonds appear most frequently at this level of the map and if you keep going you will eventually bump into some veins that you can clear. Once you think you have gone far enough, turn left or right, dig another tunnel and do the same. Make sure your tunnels have two blocks between them, so you don’t end up digging the other side of the blocks you have already checked.

If all else fails, cheat! You can get diamonds and diamond ore by switching to Creative mode and then back. Or, if you are playing a version of the game that supports the console, you can use a console command – just type “/[email protected]:diamond64” to get a full stack of diamonds added to your inventory. Of course, there isn’t much fun in doing this, but if you are in desperate need of diamonds at short notice, it is a fool proof way of getting some.

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