Some Of The Best Takedown Tips In Fortnite


Want to get ahead of other players? Simply follow our tips on how to takedown players in Fortnite.

1: Party Time

If you are in a shootout, watch out for other players looking to join the party and take both of you out.

2: Skilled Woodsman

Leave trees with one hit point left when harvesting. This still gets plenty of wood but gives you cover in a firefight.

3: Metal Takes Time

Metal is the strongest material, but takes the longest to fully build. Only use it when you have got plenty of time to build.

4: Switch Skills

Did you know enemies can hear you switch guns?! Try to prepare long before engaging an enemy.

5: Drop Like It’s Hot

One of the best ways to become a better player faster is to drop into popular locations and get into fights early. You will have fun and be a better shot in no time.

6: Last Ride

Using a vehicle like an ATK is fast, but they are all loud and large so only use them as a last resort.

7: Have A Plan

All forts can be broken, make sure you have a plan of where you are going to run to if everything goes pear-shaped.

8: Close That Door

If you leave doors open, people will know you are there and won’t have to open it themselves to get to you.

9: Ten To One

It will take ten hits to eliminate a full health enemy with only a pickaxe, so any weapon will get the job done much faster.

10: Use Your Headphones

The developers of Fortnite have put a lot of effort into their sound design, so make the most of it. Headphones let you hear enemies before they hear you.

11: Broken Bottoms

Don’t shoot the players on top of a fort. Break the bottom to knock the fort down.

12: Keep Calm!

Remember, Fortnite is just a game. Even if you get eliminated, just get back on the Battle Bus and drop again.

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