Super Mario’s Occupations Over Time


Super Mario’s Occupations Over Time


Although he is best known for plumbing, Mario’s CV is stacked with interesting jobs. Over the years he has done everything from practising medicine to becoming a sports star…



What he did: In Doctor Mario, our hero donned a white coat and started helping the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom in a different way – by curing their illnesses. Doctor Mario fought viruses by lobbing mega vitamins at them in this tricky falling block puzzle game. Doctor Mario first appeared on the NES, but returned most recently in Doctor Mario: Miracle Cure (2015) on the Nintendo 3DS.


Was he any good? The Doctor is IN! Doctor Mario cured many people over the years, including Bowser, who caught a bad case of the Blorbs in Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story (2009).


Racing Driver

What he did: Mario has always had a need for speed, so it is no surprise that he is a demon on the kart track, too. He first began his racing history in 1992, when he and his pals raced in the first Mushroom Cup. He has subsequently beaten everyone from Donkey Kong to Yoshi to pole position, and if his recent appearance in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017) is anything to go by, he will be bringing home the trophies for many years to come.


Was he any good? He may not be the fastest racer but he is quick off the starting line, and his power slide boost is still one of the coolest moves on the track.



What he did: With his background in carpentry and plumbing Mario has always been a dab hand when it comes to handyman work, so it was no surprise when he took on the role of builder in Super Mario Maker in 2015. Mario understood the construction process perfectly, teaching people how to construct their dream levels. In fact, the only aspect of being a builder he got wrong, was actually turning up when he said he would…


Was he any good? Mario helped millions of fans build their own Mario levels, so we would say he was pretty successful. Although we cannot imagine many people were impressed when they moved into their new houses, only to find them stuffed full of Thwomps and Goombas.


Tennis Player

What he did: Mario’s first court appearance was in Mario’s Tennis (1995), a 3D tennis game for the Virtual Boy, an early attempt at a 3D console by Nintendo that failed to gain much popularity. Mario’s tennis career was a different story, though. He went on to appear in six more tennis games, including the most recent Mario Tennis Aces (2018) on the Nintendo Switch.


Was he any good? Mario was the #1 seeded player in the Mushroom Kingdom for a time, until he was knocked off the top spot by Bowser. But Bowser’s unsportsmanlike use of a fireball to knock Mario off the winner’s podium meant the title was returned to Mario again.


Baseball Player

What he did: After conquering the worlds of racing and tennis, Mario went to bat for the Mario Sunshines, taking on baseball as his next sporting challenge. As a pitcher, he developed his famous fire ball, which saw his baseball explode into flames as it flew towards nervous batters armed only with a very flammable bit of wood.


Was he any good? Mario excelled as both a pitcher and a fielder, and his wall jump catch was the talk of the stadium. The baseball season came to an unfortunate end, however, when rabid fans mistook Yoshi for a team mascot, and tried to pull his head off.



What he did: Mario decided to give up his landlubber status and embrace a life of piracy when he bought a pirate’s outfit in the Seaside Kingdom gift shop. We are not quite sure how he found his sea legs though, and there are still rumours that he was spotted jumping over the side of his ship into Bubblaine’s bay.


Was he any good? To be honest, while he wears the costume well, we are not sure Mario is cut-throat enough to be a pirate. Sure, he is great at amassing huge piles of gold, but we can’t imagine him making anyone walk the plank.



What he did: Tired of spending his days jumping on Goombas and defeating Bowser, in 1992, Mario decided to take up a more relaxing hobby – painting. Unfortunately, back then, computer drawing programs were not very advanced, and so everything Mario tried to create came out blocky. Maybe it is just as well he went back to saving Princess Peach afterwards.


Was he any good? Although Mario tried his very best to create awesome artwork, his paintings were not well received by the artistic community. Critics describe Mario’s mural masterpiece, ‘The Creation of Bob-omb’ in harsh terms, calling it a failed attempt and rubbish.



What he did: No stranger to space exploration after his adventures in the Super Mario Galaxy games, Mario finally purchased a spacesuit while exploring the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey (2017). He also wore it to explore the Dark Side of the Moon and the Darker Side of the Moon.


Was he any good? Mario made one small step for an Italian-American plumber, but one giant leap for gaming, bouncing around on the surface of the Moon Kingdom like a pro.


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