The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide To Furniture


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide To Furniture


Whether you have gotten it from Timmy and Tommy, had it fall from a tree or acquired it from a neighbour, there is a lot of furniture to enjoy. This furniture can be used to decorate the inside of your home and also be placed outdoors. It is perfect for every decorator out there, or just anyone who enjoys some comfortable furniture to surround themselves with.


Acquiring Furniture

While you start off with a cosy camping cot, a lamp and a radio, you may find yourself wanting a bit more utility and luxury in your island home. As you continue to stay on your island, you will find different ways to fill your floors, customise your living space and even deck out your walls. Let’s find out how to turn your house into the most fun place to visit.


Furniture can be acquired in numerous ways. You will purchase most of it from Nook’s Cranny once it opens. The Nook Stop also offers furniture through Nook Shopping or the Nook Mileage Program. However, shaking trees, giving gifts, shooting down balloons, or just talking to your island’s residents can give you a green, leafy surprise in your pockets.


Placing Furniture Outdoors

Furniture can be placed indoors or outdoors, and always takes up tiles on your island. Think of each tile as a 1x1 space that you can split your island into, like a grid. Furniture takes up specific spaces on this grid but can also be placed in increments between tiles as well. Smaller items will take up a 1x1 tile, medium items a 1x2 tile and large items a 1x3 tile.


The easiest way to place down furniture is to face where you want to place it, go into your pockets, select the piece of furniture with the A button, and then select the option to place it down. Its placement can then be adjusted by exiting your pockets menu, facing the piece of furniture and holding the A button. You can then move using the Left Stick to make small adjustments to its placement by pushing or pulling the piece of furniture, moving a piece one half-tile at a time. Furniture that is placed on top of another piece of furniture can’t be dragged so position yourself accordingly.


Placing Furniture Indoors

Placing furniture inside is much simpler. Once inside your house, pressing Right on the Directional Pad allows you to view furniture you have placed in your storage and move pieces back into your pockets. Pressing Down on the Directional Pad lets you shift into decoration mode. This mode offers a myriad of features to help you decorate your house perfectly. Once in decoration mode you can press the + button to toggle between floor and wall placement modes.


In decoration mode, you can still grab any piece of furniture from your storage by pressing Right on the Directional Pad or access your pockets with the X button, but now you have the option to see a guide when placing things. You will also gain more control of the camera. This allows you to look at your room from different angles using the Right Stick, which can be really useful if you want to be sure your house looks good from all sides.


You can drag and drop furniture by hovering the cursor over it and then pressing and holding A. Let go again to drop it down right where you want it. Pressing A quickly will allow you to rotate the item. Pressing Y while hovering over an item will place the piece back into your storage. Holding the R button will allow you to select multiple pieces of furniture and move them all at once.


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