The Coolest Mobile Control Gaming Systems


The Coolest Mobile Control Gaming Systems


Touchscreens are a very unique type of control method. If you have got a games console or PC, then you are probably used to pressing buttons, twiddling joysticks, or clicking mice. That is not possible with a touchscreen, so developers of games on mobile devices have to be a lot more inventive with their control schemes. A great use of the touchscreen can make a game even better, so we have gathered up the very best games with the smartest use of the technology that we have seen, so you can try them all.


Monument Valley

You can interact with practically everything in this game. By the end, you are spinning walkways, twisting ladders, and unveiling hidden paths. Best of all is how this easy-to-control manipulation works together, and how your character interacts with it. The game is about perspective, so if it looks like a bridge is next to a path, your character can step on it. All these interactions aren’t just for fiddling with the screen, but for careful positioning so that you can make a route to the exit.


Does Not Commute

In this game each vehicle handles differently from every other and you need to guide each car, boat, or bike individually toward its destination. It is not easy, as it is very crowded, and you only tap to steer left or right – there is no speed control here!


Blown Away: Secret Of The Wind

The addition of teleportation shoes – so you can touch anywhere on-screen and appear there – is an interesting new mechanic for a puzzle platformer. It requires you to be precise to succeed, too, so don’t think it is easy just because you can teleport.


Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 expands on the beautiful simplicity of the first game’s puzzle mechanics with a more in-depth story, new characters, and more detailed environments to feast your eyes on. Of course, it is still about cutting the rope and getting the candy into a cute little monster’s mouth with a swift swipe of the finger, too.


Leo’s Fortune

If a game’s controls are so natural that you don’t think about them when you are playing, you know they have been designed well. Leo’s Fortune is one such game, in which all you need to do is hold the touchscreen and swipe in the direction you want Leo to travel. From there, the fluffy ball will roll until stopped, with further taps and holds helping to propel the guy into the air, where he puffs up and gently floats to the ground. You don’t need to do much to play Leo’s Fortune, and yet it still manages to be a challenge. It proves that you don’t need lots of complex mechanics and systems for a game to work well.



All you do here is hold the screen, creating a route for your skier to ride across. Sound easy? Well it is not, because it is up to you to create slopes for speed, jumps to clear gaps and – sometimes – lines to score big in tunnels. And you must do all this simply by sliding your thumb up and down.



This game revolves entirely around its control scheme. The whole point is to tap anywhere on the screen to drop the moving block on top of your ever-increasing tower. The skill comes in the timing, but once you master that and the tapping, you will just want to beat your high score.


Monsters Ate My Condo

This is kind of the opposite of Stack, because you take slices away instead of building them on top of one another. It is a fun and colourful way of playing, but the controls themselves are so tactile that sliding a piece away with your touchscreen almost feels like you are playing a game of Jenga.


The Firm

Left or right, that is as difficult as The Firm’s control system gets. That doesn’t mean it is not an intense game though – you have to sort your big corporation’s files, and the pressure is on. Swiping the wrong way feels truly awful, and that says a lot about how great game design can make even two choices in controls feel important.


Tactile Wars

Patterns might not sound very exciting, but in this game that is how you control an entire army. The game has you designing specific patterns for your army to fight in, and you must ensure they are as good at defending as they are at attacking. As a result, Tactile Wars is like a puzzle game, combining smart thinking with clever controls to create a unique strategy game for mobile devices.


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