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Video Games Secrets


We love secrets in video games. They help create that feeling that you never quite know what you might see next, or what you might find if you investigate that little corner over there. The secret might just be a fun Easter egg referencing another great game. It could be a new character for you to unlock and play as, giving you a whole new way to experience a game you love. Or it could be as big as a whole secret world that will test your gaming skills to their absolute maximum. Whichever it is, secrets are a great part of gaming, and we are going to show you some of our favourites…


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Find The Master Sword

To get the powerful Master Sword you need to navigate your way through the mysterious Lost Woods. Follow the first path or torch lights until the end. Then, keep the wind blowing behind you and follow the path of the particles blowing in the air or light a torch and follow the path of the embers.


Sea Of Thieves

Honourable Mention

Check outside the tavern door at the Ancient Spire Outpost and you will see a sign that says ‘LindsayElyse mind your head’. This is a tribute to the Twitch streamer LindsayElyse, who fired herself from her cannon and landed perfectly in the doorway on her stream.


Destiny 2

The Floor Is Lava

Head to the upper walkway in the Tower and go to the water tanks. There you will get a ‘Don’t Pick Me Up’ prompt. Activate to trigger a The Floor Is Lava mini-game and finish it for a Quickness buff.


Super Mario Odyssey

Unlock A Secret Kingdom

Your first goal should be to finish the game’s main campaign by defeating Bowser. The Odyssey still says it needs more moons. Collect 250 to unlock The Dark Side and defeat the five bosses you must fight there. Return to previous areas to get the moons left to collect. Five hundred will unlock The Darker Side, a secret kingdom for you to beat.


Forza Horizon 4

Barn Cars

As you play through Forza Horizon 4, hidden barns with cars inside will unlock. You can find one at Derwent Mansion. Exit the driveway, go straight on into the woods, and quickly turn left and you will find the barn.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A Hidden Heart

Pause on the Great Bay level and select the camera controls. Zoom out and pan to the left to see a heart from Majora’s Mask perched on the cliffs in the distance.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

Card From The Daredevil

In one of Spider-Man’s backpacks, you can find a Nelson & Murdock law office card. This is a reference to another Marvel hero: Daredevil. Select it in the inventory and Peter Parker will tell a story about a blind man giving him the card.


Super Mario Party

Golden Oar

Complete all five routes in River Survival Mode and then head to the plaza. Talk to Birdo and she will offer you a golden oar as a reward for your skill.


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